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Endeavour Gym,12 Trinity Court, Fonthill Business Park, Dublin 22, D22 YC60. © 2019 by Endeavour Gym

Are you preparing for a sporting event, the competitive season, then we have you covered. Our coaches are educated to the highest level within the strength and conditioning field, holding master degrees on the topic.

Whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it!

Why choose Endeavour Gym?

  • We are experts in our field, with each senior coach hold an MSc degree.

  • We understand the needs of the individual or team sports athletes.

  • We can profile, plan and implement a cutting edge strength and conditioning programme and we understand how to evaluate its effectiveness!


  • Cost € varies, all packages are bespoke

  • Team profiling and training

  • Individual profiling and training

  • Youth training specialist

  • Dedicated training slots

  • Contact us to arrange a chat and discuss your options

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