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Semi-Private Personal Training

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Free Consultation.

1)  Contact us to book a 45-min time slot with our trainer. 

2)  Discuss & document your goals for the first 20-mins.

3)  Receive a 5-min complementary In-Body analysis (optional).

4)  Finally, participate in a 20-min movement-based assessment.

The purpose of Endeavour Gym, our “why”, is simple.  To provide high quality personal-training and healthy eating in a friendly, supportive environment.  The combination of which, work together to make a healthier, stronger “you”.  We consistently seek to be one of the best gyms in Dublin.

For a Dublin gym, it is one of the longest running and best-established personal training and semi-private personal training facilities, opened in December 2006, our personal trainers have helped clients across a broad range of ages and abilities to reach their health and wellness goals. Indeed,  it may be one of the longest running specialist PT gyms in Ireland. We achieved this by setting out meaningful goals following  small incremental strategies.  Small strategic goals such as better weight loss or indeed inforing you as to how to lose weight better or improved healthy eating, healthy recipes and snacks all implemented over short periods of time so as not to overwhelm you.  

For us learning to love training and implementing simple, effective habits in a small incremental pattern is key to improving your wellness.  The true benefits of the training methods we employ are over the long-term.  Learning to integrate well-structured training as part of an active lifestyle, all within a community of like-minded people is a fundamental goal that we strive to achieve within our community.

1.  We will fully commit to you.

2.  We greatly value the time you take out of your busy schedule to dedicate to training.

3.  We can agree on a set of small incrementally achievable goals subject to your lifestyle circumstances over a dedicated timeline.

4.  We expect you to ideally train every 2-3 days for a least 45-minutes.

5.  We expect that when the time is right for you to learn to healthy eating and weight loss, we will help you. 

6.  Training should be fun, structured, but challenging.

7.  We will re-test & re-evaluate your goals and set new targets every 5 weeks.​


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