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Personal Training

Semi-Private Coaching


The “why” of Endeavour Gym.


The why of Endeavour Gym is simple.  If you are you looking for the best 'gym near me'?. Well then we are the best choice for you.  We want to coach people to become fitter, stronger and healthier versions of themselves. 

We love helping our clients achieve their goals, no matter how big or small.


Observing our clients improving and progressing through their 'Training journey' is what makes us tick, it is our why, our  "raison d'etre".

''Great Strength, really is, great living'

The "who" of Endeavour Gym.


Endeavour Gym is one of the longest running and best-established personal training and semi-private personal training gyms in lucan,  Dublin.


Our coaches are some the best within the industry, highly qualified and experienced  with thousands of hours of personal training.


Over the last two decades our coaches have helped hundreds of clients reach their health and wellness goals.

The "how" of Endeavour Gym.

Starting an exercise regime can be very empowering and consistent, safe training is the most important factor for long term success. 

We don't offer fads, short-cuts or quick fixes, just results driven, scientifically proven exercise strategies, to help you look, feel, move better and be healthier.

Our system consists of targeted phases of:

  • Mobility Training

  • Strength training

  • Conditioning

Endeavour gym, personal trainer lucan

Great Strength - Great Living

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